Heart-Centred Teaching

We don’t need to teach children love, they are the embodiment of love.  They are the ones that teach us what love really is.  A Pedagogy of Love is teaching consciously, being reflective, mindful and always coming from a place of love. 


It is an authentic sense of love between the adult and the child built through trusting relationships, heart-centred connections and respectful partnerships.  Holistically nurturing the mind, body and spirit while allowing each child to be themselves and accepting them for who they are.

April 5, 2020

Not all storms come to disrupt our lives.  

Some come to clear the path.

The question has been asked; How do we get back to “normality” once this is all over?

My answer is this;  We have been given an opportunity.  An opportunity to start fresh, to reimagine learning and...

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